ZenPayroll-Gusto Implementation


We have been in the process of integrating our accounting system in to our new online payroll system ZenPayroll/Gusto. This platform will be used to process weekly payroll for employees and monthly payroll for agencies-independent contractors.


Employee accounts will be able to track weekly payroll processing, view and print paystubs, manage company benefit plans. You can also update payment bank and personal information. W2’s will be processed end of year and sent out directly to you based on the information within your account.

Employees will receive an on-boarding email with instructions on setting up your account, tax reporting and banking information for depositing weekly payroll. It’s important to verify all the information you enter for accuracy to ensure there is no delay in weekly payroll, benefits or local tax reporting.



With your account on our payroll system, you’ll be able to view past payments, view payee and update payee information. 1099’s will be generated and sent out automatically.

Accounts have two options, business and individuals, you will receive an email for activating your agency/contractors account, once you have completed the activation, you need to edit/update your profile enter correct business/personal address, banking information, EIN/SS. Your account will show at first payroll processing as Check, you need to change this to ACH and enter information. ACH will be the only options to reduce bank fees on both sides.

Some will receive two activation emails, one of employee on boarding and one for contractors. Both of these need to be completed.

Once your contactors or employee account is setup, we will be updating/posting previous payments made to you or your company and moving forward weekly and monthly payroll processing will be managed from system.

Any questions or help, please use our company support center at support.nusani.com or email to support@nusani.com

Emails from ZenPayroll will begin going out today. Please complete asap. Estimated time for setting up is between 5 to 10 minutes. All Agencies/Contractors accounts will have a dummy EIN/SS number that must be updated to the correct information. Example EIN/SS # will be entered as 55.5555555.

Note: For new Agencies/Contractors, you will be added to our system during the first month of qualified payroll processing.


Terry Barnes

Below is an example of the Agency/Contractors email that needs to be completed. Employees will receive similar email with self on-boarding setup instructions.


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