Updated Version of Bing Maps Gets Several New Search Features by @mattsouthern

The new version of Bing Maps, known as Bing Maps Preview, was rolled out last week and already seeing a number of search-related enhancements.

Here is an overview of the improvements announced today for Bing Maps:

  • Search Quality: Now that Bing Maps is using the same search engine as Bing.com it’s able to provide more relevant results and more detailed information about locations being searched for.
  • Auto-Suggest: Now when you start typing in a search, Bing Maps will suggest possible waypoints and/or categories you may be looking for.
  • Additional Results: In addition to the 20 results that can be displayed on a card, other locations nearby will be indicated by smaller map markers. Tapping on them will reveal more information.
  • Directions and Traffic: You can now get directions and traffic information more easily by using commands like, “traffic in Toronto”, and “directions from Toronto to Ottawa”, and so on.

To be sure, many of these features have long been available on Google Maps. Bing is not revolutionizing Maps, rather the company is reaffirming its dedication to providing searchers with a more complete product offering.

Those who use Bing as their primary search engine now have a better product available for location search that’s more comparable to Google Maps than it ever was before.

Image Credit: GongTo / Shutterstock.com

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