Mobile Friendly Websites More Important Than Ever With Google

Google Makes Mobile Even More Important

You likely don’t need to see a lot of numbers and stats to recognize that mobile usage is growing, and fast. Think of yourself — do you check your email on a desktop? Where do you log in to Facebook? If you’re going out for supper, where do you check for reviews?

If we recognize the significance of mobile growth, it should come as no surprise that Google also recognizes the importance of getting the most relevant searches on a mobile device. The search giant has announced that, beginning April 21, their algorithm will place a higher value on mobile-friendly websites. According to Google, this change will have a significant impact on search results. This is great news for consumers, as results more relevant for their devices will be easily surfaced.

What does this mean for your customers and for you? For your customers, it means they need a mobile-friendly site. For you, it means you should be able to provide your customers with that site. We provide responsive optimized BrandSites and Location Authority sites as a part of our PowerSuite Platform. These sites are easily indexed by Google and other search engines for both mobile and desktop, and will help your clients move up in local search rank. After April 21, having this mobile-friendly page will be all the more important.

People seek out contact information for local businesses on mobile, often with the intent of making a purchase. If you want some numbers, mobile ad spending is forecast to increase from $8.4 billion in 2012 to almost $37 billion in 2016 on smartphones and tablets. If potential customers can’t navigate a site because it is a zoomed out version of the regular homepage, businesses are handing new customers directly to competitors.

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