Car Dealer Radio Commercials

Car Dealer Radio Media Buying and High Impact Creative

You are in your car – driving to work – flip on the radio to hear traffic & weather updates, listen to the newest song by your favorite band – with more and more consumers adding miles to their commute each day, people are listening to their radios at longer listening rates. With the average commuting spending over 72 minutes a day driving to and from work, the potential radio audience can be an avenue for a business to reach customers.

Radio offers advantages to a business’s advertising strategy in its high reach and target ability as well as its lower costs vs. other broadcast media. With these relative low cost and specific targeted audience, radio can be a fun and creative way for advertisers to promote their business. But as with any media, the strategy behind your marketing campaign will greatly affect the overall success of your radio commercial.

Frequency is an important factor in creating an effective radio advertising campaign. Nusani Media specializes in creating effective radio campaigns. This can be accomplished by planning a radio ad campaign either vertically or horizontally. To purchase a radio schedule horizontally, your commercials will run in same dayparts everyday with high frequency – targeting the audience in that same daypart daily to help drive home your message. With a vertical plan, your schedule will reach across different dayparts with high frequency, building your campaign across different audiences in a short amount of time. Depending on what your overall goal of your campaign is, your media plan should utilize these options instead of just running your commercial across huge broad rotators all week. If your audience doesn’t listen to radio at 3am, why run your commercial there 5 times a week and waste your money? Be aggressive against your competition,

Radio stations want your business but they want to maximize to their benefit. This media should be working for you, not your business working for them. Partnering with Nusani Media can ensure that your radio investment is working at its best potential and your budget is maximized to reach a high return on investment.