As online reputation management consultants, we specialize in search engine branding optimization and in automotive PPC management service packages.

Nusani and Nusani Media are privately owned Corporations based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and Boynton Beach, Florida founded by Terry Barnes, CEO and President in January of 2009. Terry and the Nusani management team formed a vision, built constituency and transformed the business model into one of the most powerful digital marketing companies in the country. In short, Nusani is a leader and innovator of the digital marketing industry.

Nusani developed, owns and operates a significant publishing and digital advertising network where the development of advanced on-line digital marketing products are rich in technology. The inventors of Engine Branding Optimization and an all in one 4 point Powersuite platform that covers all 4 segments of digital marketing is the core product that drive the company. Nusani Media, the sister company also shares innovation with the latest developments in advancing tradition advertising with technology.

Nusani currently operates in United States with current plans of expansion into Mexico, Canada and Europe in the near future. Our Network of businesses consist of Nusani, , Nusani Media and Nusani Technology all with their primary mission to be recognized as leaders and innovators of the digital on-line marketing industry. Nusani’s feature products enable local business (clients) and consumers to connect resulting in bottom line high returns on their investment. Nusani has developed and owns several patent pending and proprietary technologies to give clients competitive edge in their local markets. Our products and services engage more than 1,000 channel partner and affiliate sites and Nusani powers, manages and owns more than 4000 local websites with expectations of growth continuing to drive the company forward.

Engine Branding Optimization Strategy by Nusani

The Nusani team is comprised of the best innovators and techs in the industry. We work with automotive agencies, dealerships and small businesses to ensure that they have the latest in technology to dominate their local competitors. Nusani’s Re-seller program for agencies and industry professionals is the core business model that has proven success over the years. If you have interest in becoming a re-seller or interested in semi private white paper opportunities for your agency, please contact Walt Braithwaite, Sr. Vice President directly at 855-687-2644 at extension 702.